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Link Kaboom 74

The End of History (Photo by Dave Branfield / Brewdog)

1. Squirrel Beer: I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “My, this $765 is really burning a hole in my pocket, plus it’s so HEAVY. I wish I had something very important to spend it on.” Good people, Brewdog has heard your pleas, and packaged their answer in the stuffed carcass of your favorite roadkill. No, not Rush Limbaugh. The other one.

2. Clever Little Monkey: Apple needs to come to terms with the fact they are not going to win this war: as a crafty fifteen-year old just showed them, when he disguised a tethering app in what on first blush appeared a simple flashlight application. Maybe if Apple wasn’t firmly caught under the tyrannical boot of AT&T, they’d realize that this is what the people desire – an iPhone that is also a modem. LIBERTA!

3. Mystery Celebrity:
“Hey, I have this brilliant idea!”
“We are in New York City, the home of brilliant ideas – let ‘er rip!”
“We put a box in the middle of Bryant Park!”
“And we stick a celebrity in it!”
“And people can look at them!”
“Right – then what?”
“That’s It!”
“…Did Bob Saget put you up to this?”

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Link Kaboom 73

“In the Catskills, Comfort in a Gingerbread House” Photo by Trevor Tondro

1. Dreamhouse in the Catskills: It’s the magic you find in the everyday: an enterprising lady built herself a tiny Victorian cottage in the middle of the woods. Can you imagine what it would be like to come across this on a hike?

2. Cake: Cake is awesome. Here are thirty that would make me pause before tearing into them barehanded to extract their delicious, sugary innards.

3. Paranoid – Android?: So Mr.Kaboom got an Android about 2 weeks ago, and I have to admit (someone cover Steve Jobs’ ears) – it’s rather awesome. You know that thing has a freaking metal detector in it? Anyway, this article discusses how maybe Verizon doesn’t NEED the iPhone, thank you very much. And from what I’ve seen, I am starting to agree.

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Link Kaboom 72

Havaianas’ Limited-Edition World Cup Sandals

1. Havaianas’ Limited-Edition World Cup Sandals: Now you can keep the spirit of your favorite soccer team alive year-round with these limited edition sandals. Vuvuzela not included.

2. Origin of “Barbecue”: We all know it’s delicious, but have you ever wondered the origin of that delicious grilled meat you’re nomming? Serious Eats drops some foodie knowledge.

3. I’m Comic Sans, Assholes: McSweeney’s contributor Mike Lacher gives us a glimpse into the perspective of this most-hated of fonts.

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Link Kaboom 71

“The Worst Oil Spills in History” by Script & Seal on Flickr

1. “The Worst Oil Spills in History” by Script & Seal on Flickr: This wonderfully designed map in the throwback style of old textbook materials by design duo Gavin and Liz really puts our most recent oil disaster into a global perspective.

2. “Animals I Enjoy Imagining” by Felix Muhl: An amusing and lovely musing on animals that are not.

3. Fold A Shirt Napkin For Father’s Day: Having dinner with your dad this Sunday. Decorate the table for the occasion with this fun and easy project by Jessica Jones of How About Orange.

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Link Kaboom 70

“Cleo and her 21 brothers & sisters” by Bobasonic

1. 35 Surreal Examples of Multiplicity Photography: Multiplicity photography is a technique where a single object is copied into the same photographic frame in numerous different instances. The results are often amusing, whimsical and occasionally very lovely.

2. I Am Not A Brand: Digital media aficionados, listen up: author Maureen Johnson has a beautiful vision for the internet, and it is completely against the idea of “selling yourself”. An extremely insightful and refreshing article.

3. Yahoo Answers Fail: Yahoo has a service that provides a forum for people to get their questions answered. Unfortunately, sometimes people ask some real doozies. Fortunately, someone has compiled the gems for our reading pleasure.

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Link Kaboom 69


1. Nightscapes: Unfortunately, I don’t know the language on this site, but this compilation of landscape photography is a perfect example that a picture is worth a thousand Cyrillic words.

2. The Making of a Sand Mandala: Buddhist monks have been perfecting for years the art of making intricate, gorgeous mandalas out of sand, only to destroy them upon completion. A beautiful study in art, patience, cooperation, and the impermanence of the universe.

3. DIY Fendi: Don’t have the disposable cash to drop on crazy-expensive designer accessories? Refinery 29 demonstrates that a pair of pantyhose and a pair of scissors are all you need to be stepping pretty.

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Link Kaboom 68

Work of Kim Joon (potentially NSFW)

1. Work of Kim Joon (potentially NSFW): WonderHowTo spotlights the work of Korean artist Kim Joon, whose work in body art elevates the human form into pure abstract art.

2. Bruce Lee Kungfu-Mixer: Entertain yourself for hours with this awesomely designed piece of technology that allows you to create your very on Kung Fu fight soundtrack. My personal favorite effect is the gong.

3. Adorable Road-Trip Essentials: Refinery 29 does it once again with this fantastic list of stylish travel essentials. Leopard-print tent I AM COMING FOR YOU…

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Link Kaboom 67

MegAverbuch on Chictopia

1. MegAverbuch on Chictopia: Totally love the outfit shots on this lady’s Chictopia page. Faaaabb…

2. 66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home: Man, stuff is too expensive these days. And lets be honest, the more you spend on groceries, the less you can spend on shoes. That sucks. Lets just start growing our food. Damn the man! Viva la veggie!

3. How Animals Spend a Typical Day: This is science. Lions are lazy as crap.

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Link Kaboom 66

Andrew Seunghyun Kim for Coca Cola

1. A Greener Coca-Cola: Coca-cola would be fools not to pick this up — design student (that’s right, STUDENT – this was his midterm project) Andrew Seunghyun Kim has designed a 100% eco-friendly packaging and product design for the hallmark brand. Not only is it green, but it’s also positively gorgeous. And I don’t even drink soda.

2. I Am Your Canadian Friend: I just discovered this blog by Jason Sweeney. Filled with amusing illustrations, pithy witticisms, and celebratory dances and songs, it is sure to put a big ol’ grin on that kisser.

3. New Findings In Shyness: Are you a shy-face? New scientific findings show that you might just be processing the world in a an entirely different way than extroverts. The experiments on security blankets, however, is still proving inconclusive…

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Link Kaboom 63

Designer Katie Gallagher (Image courtesy of Refinery 29)

1. Designer Katie Gallagher Brings Her Style Home to NYC: Refinery 29 catches up with up-and-coming designer and recent NYC transplant Katie Gallagher on her personal style and creature comforts.

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