“Paper Vs. Rock” by Anonymous

1. Paper Vs. Rock: I love this sign. I want to know who made it, so I can buy one and hang it in the foyer of my house. Then I’ll make all guests need to defeat me in a Rock, Paper, Scissors Throw-down before allowing them to enter. It will be just like Thunderdome, but much, much nerdier.

2. The Cicada Principle: If you are at all involved in web design, you cannot miss reading this article by Alex Walker on background tiling, and the usage of primes. Excellent, interesting stuff. (Coutesy of John Hutchinson)

3. 5 Essential Document Templates for Freelance Designers: Ok, so this is a little old-hat knowledge for those in the business, but this is a great article in terms of breaking down the basic documents you need to maintain an accurate, organized relationship with clients.

4. Gateways To Geekery: Kate Bush: I am a little obsessed with Kate Bush. It’s really not healthy. This article does a great job explaining some of the reasons why she is so wonderful, and why you should be listening to her often and frequently. Please wake me when its 1985.

5. Brand Name Pencils: This is a site built after my own, Type A sensibilities. Bob Truby is REALLY into pencils — so much so he has made a well-designed database, listing all the models he can get his hands on. I bet you didn’t even know there were pencil models, noob.

6. Mundane Dream: Just read it. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Space Invaders: EVERYONE NOT ON TYPEWRITERS: Cut it out. The act of putting two spaces after a period is one of the most frustrating, infuriating edits that designers have to endure — I can’t even tell you how many years of my life have been sucked away backspacing copy. This comprehensive article by Farhad Manjoo explains exactly why this act is so wrong on so many levels.

Finally, it’s time you learned about THE BEST DINOSAUR:;

Have a nice weekend, folks!

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