It was no secret that graphic designer-cum-street artist Shepard Fairey was recently in town for an exhibition of his work. But imagine my delight when on my way to the gym, I discovered one of his new street installments.

Close-ups after the jump…

I love how it looks like the decorative pattern is wallpaper torn to reveal the collage beneath. It looks so elegant, yet anarchic all at once.

Shepard Fairey always brings me back to my time growing up. Back then, we’d see Andre stickers posted up everywhere in Philly. They felt like these mysterious, cultish totems. This was before it was known Fariey was the perpetrator, of course. I kind of miss the primitivism of that early work, but his contemporary work is so gorgeous, I really can’t complain.

For more work by Shepard Fairey, visit

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