“Blublocker-Demi-Tortoise-Nylon-Zach-Galifianakis-2-big” by gigibearfive

Do you remember BluBlockers? I do, specifically from growing up in the eighties; those overly-excited commercials that touted these specs like they were the visual equivalent to the first moon landing. And who knew? Maybe they were. Being about six, I really couldn’t afford them at the time. The advertising certainly made you feel like all other sunglasses were completely unprepared to handle blocking out the sun, and they looked so futuristic and crazy with their sleek amber lenses and black matte plastic frames. For the past twenty-three years they have been a throw-back item, something to kindle delight, nostalgia and a bit of humor. Nowadays you can still catch the kids sporting these iconic originals in all their ironic glory, most notably Zach Galifianakis’ character in, “The Hangover.”

However, that’s all about to change. BluBlockers have caught up with the times. These ain’t yo mama’s sunglasses:

BluBlockers now has a micro-site, MyBluBlockers.com, that features their new line: speical edition frames in a vibrant assortment of colors and lens effects, including a revamp of their original tortoiseshell design.

Once I caught wind of these babies, I couldn’t resist grabbing up a pair. Particularly when I discovered they had a version in gold. And let’s be honest, I would buy monkey dung if it was gold-plated.

Monkey dung these are not. They are quite the opposite. Arriving in this hot, sporty little purple case, the BluBlockers were like some awesome pirate booty from Prince Island. The gold frames were a lovely warm golden color, and you can literally see-yourself in the ultra-reflective frames, exclusive to this model (yeah, that’s me in the right lens – ‘Sup?).

Wearing these proved to be quite the experience. See, I remember how the commercials would claim these would create a “cleaner, crisper” sunglass-wearing experience. What seemed to have slipped my mind was that it would turn the entire universe NEON FRICKIN YELLOW. It was exactly like this…

“BluBlocked” by toastforbrekkie

Once I got over the initial shock, the entire visual experience became pretty darn awesome. Imagine it like night-vision, but in the daytime. It makes the entire world brighter, but magically without hurting your eyes. Also, I have discovered that these are super on rainy days, as it often makes it significantly easier to see while driving, or doing other mundane activities, like blocking the color blue (Oh I get it THEY BLOCK THE COLOR BLUE! Ha!).

So yeah, BluBlockers are pretty awesome. And I must admit, they make my face a lot more “Blingy.”

Top: Mystique Boutique; Shorts: Gadzooks; Shawl: Conway; Boots: Thrifted; Sunglasses: Blu Blockers; Necklace, Watch: Thrifted

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