Halloween is swiftly approaching – do you have your costume yet? If not, never fear! Here are 10 fantastic, beautiful costumes to get your creative juices flowing.

1. La Calavera Catrina (by llaurellovesllamas):

La Calvera Catrina is a Mexican icon of Día de los Muertos, a symbol of celebration and beauty in the face of death.

Related Costume: Sugar Skull

2. Pinata (by rachelvn):

Feeling a little festive? Guss yourself up as a piece of candy, a sweet or favorite yummy treat!

Related Costume: Cupcake & Chef

3. Rainy Day (by elsiecake):

Rather than dressing as a person or object, try becoming a force of nature. Choose your favorite weather condition or natural phenomena, and get creative in the interpretation.

Related Costume: Autumn

4. Jareth (from Labyrinth) (by corkyswiss):

Make the magic dance with your favorite fantastic characters from your childhood. Jim Henson offers a cornucopia of surreal, imaginative costume ideas.

Related Costume: Kira (from The Dark Crystal)

5. Steampunk Princess (by mandilouise):

The lovely style of Steampunk is the rising star subcultural phenomena. For most of us the style is a little too over-the-top for day-to-day apparel. However, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to don those goggles, spats and machine gears. Snake optional.

Related Costume: Medusa

6. Hunted Deer: (by eatmydesign)

Why dress up as animal, when you can dress as a thematic animal? Adding small details creates a character that is captivating, engaging and an extremely unique costume.

Related Costume: Crying Swan

7. Black Kitty Cat (by eastsidejax):

There is no costume as classic and timeless as a black cat. This costume is a great stand-by, and offers a myriad of takes and styles.

Related Costume: Fifty’s Kitty

8. Psycho-Killer (by dietrich):

Movies are the perfect place to find an excellent costume. Rather than just dressing as a character, get some friends together and try to build an entire scene as perfectly as you can.

Related Costumes: Eraserhead; The Birds

9. Jellyfish (by eatmydesign):

Choosing to dress as a strange or unique creature is a great opportunity to come up with unique interpretations about how to execute something so peculiar.

Related Costume: Bumblebee; Lioness

10. Ghostly Couple (by loupiote):

When in doubt, a ghost is a reliable standby. But nix that silly old sheet, and don lovely white clothes, and go crazy with the baby powder.

Related Costume: Murdered Bride

Honorable Mentions:

Deviled Egg
Virgin of Guadalupe
Dalek (from Dr. Who)
One Little Indian

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