One of my favorite parts about a new year is picking out the calendars I will use for the year. There are so many wonderful calendars out there to choose from!

My first rule of calendar buying is that I always wait until January, as most of the calendars are reduced up to 50% off, which is rather friendly on the old wallet. I usually buy 2 calendars: a pocket day planner to tote around with me, and a wall calendar for my office.


In terms of day planners, I am a devoted Moleskine girl. The
red edition of their weekly notebook is my ideal in terms of scheduling. The left page is devoted entirely to the week’s schedule, and the right is a ruled page, perfect for holding the week’s to-do lists.

However, in my calendar browsing, I discovered an even SHARPER version of my favorite planner. You can now not only purchase a red version, but a PATENT LEATHER version! O snap!


In terms of wall calendars, I usually choose something that leans towards natural landscapes: I like to be able to look at some magical place, and remind myself there is a great, magnificent world out there beyond my cubical. My 2008 calendar showed gorgeous pictures of Australia, a place I have dreamed of visiting my entire life. This year, I settled on National Geographic’s National Parks and Monuments Wall Calendar. The calendar is filled with the stunning imagery that NG is renowned for, and will also be a great way to brush up on any national parks I may be interested in visiting.

A close second for me was Lonely Planet’s 2009 Calendar. I am an enormous fan of the LP guidebooks, and they are always the first thing I snatch up when off to visit some new destination. For the avid traveler, the LP calendar does not disappoint: Not only is it full of riveting photos of destinations around the globe, but it also provides a great deal of information on each location featured.


For those of you that like a little design in your life, my personal favorite design calendar is the Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar 2009 Calendar. The brainchild of Spanish designer Noa Bembibre, the CLNDTR calendar is not only beautifully designed, but filled with clever lines that incorporate each month’s name in them. A bit pricey, this is a compelling piece of design that will engage and amuse you throughout the year.

Another calendar I have become rather smitten with is created by, of all people, a DJ. DJ DSL is known mostly on the music circuit, but he has put together such a fantastic wall calendar, I think he has a potentially awesome design career awaiting him should he ever defect. This gestalt calendar is both functional and lovely – and I get such a kick out of his invention of turning each day into a component of the monthly typography.


I love design illustrations – and JHill’s 2009 Wall Calendar illustrations are striking, sharp and beautiful.

I generally don’t purchase a calendar for the kitchen, but I am itching to get my hands on this Illustrated Wild Foods Recipe Calendar. Created by Christina Choi, co-founder of Foraged and Found Edibles and artist Emily Rae Counts. Each month displays beautiful illustrations of delicious grown edibles, along with mouthwatering recipes.

Their Etsy page doesn’t tell nearly enough about the creator, but the 2009 Floating World Calendar simply tickles me with its whimsy and careful detail. At first glance, you might not even REALIZE it’s a calendar, so carefully has FW integrated the months and days into the illustration.

Know a calendar worthy of commendation? Say it here!

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