I have been an enormous fan of Bjork since I was a wee girl of twelve, when I first caught her music video for “Human Behavior” late one night on MTV. It still stands as possibly my favorite music video of all time.

I not only love her music, but feel that what really separates Bjork from the crowd is her dedication to an aesthetic that is uniquely her own. In everything she does – music, movies, projects and dress – she infuses an essential part of herself, radiating a confidence and uniqueness that is simply breathtaking.

Her latest work is no exception. Recently, Bjork teamed up with Encyclopedia Pictura to create an amazing new video replete with puppets, computer-generated animation and magic. Shot with a custom made stereoscopic camera rig, the result is a video that is not only awesome, but 3-D (the old school kind, with the glasses)! It is featured on a DVD accompanying the new “Wanderlust” single (3-D glasses included!), available through One Little Indian.

Bjork “Wanderlust” 3-D Music Video

However, thanks to Wired.com, you do not need to purchase the single in order to see the video in all it’s three-dimensional glory. Wired.com is hosting the video on their site here, IN 3-D, and even gives you directions on how to mock-up a pair of 3D specs from used CD cases you have lying around.

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