By far, my favorite professional artist in the field today is James Jean. I have been a die-hard fan since I picked up the first edition of his art book, “Process Recess”, on a whim at the MOCCA comic art fest several years ago. I was immediately captivated by his style – an ability to make drawings that combine the immediacy of a chaotic sketch with some of the cleanest drawn lines I have ever seen. The man simply cannot put down a stray line. Add to that the fact that he is a pop-whiz at digital editing, and I was smitten.

That he also happens to make the covers of my favorite comic book, “Fables,” is simply the icing on the cake.

Recently, James Jean paired up with Prada in the creation of their Spring 2008 line. The results are nothing short of wonderous.

Along with apparel and illustrations, Jean created a wallpaper for Prada (I believe to be used as the background for the product line). It is currently hanging in Prada’s Beverly Hills and Soho Epicenter stores, and is a whopping 17 x 200 feet. NotCot has the entire incredible wallpaper in digital format on their site, here.

Excerpt of the wallpaper James Jean created for Prada. Click here to see the whole piece.

If all this wasn’t enough, Jean and Prada put together this short film promoting the line, featuring the music of the sister duo, CocoRosie. One of my favorite bands, backing my favorite artist, and collaborating with one of my favorite fashion houses. Someone please get behind me – I feel a swoon coming on…

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